Createx Paint

If there is a need to choose airbrush paint this should be definitely a paint from a proven brand like Createx Colors. This is professional quality airbrush paint that has established a reputation of one of the most reliable and trustworthy products on the airbrush market. Due to their special composition, Createx paints create a wonderful color coating with permanent bonding on many surfaces including fabrics. By the way, Createx airbrush paints also offer a nice elasticity, thus providing a soft-hand feel on textiles. And a variety of colors will pleasantly surprise you.

Benefits of using Createx airbrush paint

  • Createx paints are specially designed for the use on multiple surfaces. That is why they are good for working as with wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, and with metals. These paints are made with lightfast pigments and durable acrylic resins what makes Createx Colors perfect fabric paints. The components allow for perfect durable results on fabric and leather while achieving a soft-hand feel.

  • Paints feature a water base and are non-toxic. Furthermore, they conform to ASTM D-4236 standards.

  • Cured with heat Createx Airbrush Colors dry to a strong film that is stable under a prolonged exposure to outdoor light. To ensure better performance, it is recommended to use a top-coat after curing.

  • Paints are easy-to-use with the instruction guide and usage chart.

Which Createx paint to choose

Createx paints offer many options for colors, density, and consistency. You may choose from

  • transparent,

  • opaque,

  • fluorescent,

  • pearlized,

  • and iridescent airbrush colors.

Createx transparent airbrush paint

Createx transparent paint colors are better to apply on a base color or light surface as they provide semi-opaque coverage.

Createx opaque paint

Createx opaque colors, on the contrary, do not require a Createx primer or base due to a high pigment load and filler. And what is more, you can use these paints themselves as a base for the above-mentioned transparent paints. However, you will need a larger airbrush tip and higher pressure level to spray them.

Createx fluorescent paint

Createx fluorescent paint colors look very attractive thanks to glowing pigments. To use them, you will need first to apply a white base as these fluorescent paints are very transparent. Note, that they do not fit for permanent finishes.

Createx pearlized and iridescent colors

To create a vibrant color shimmering coating, choose for the application Createx pearlized colors. Or use Createx iridescent colors to add shifting shimmer hues. For working with these paints, you will also need a white or black opaque base.

Commonly, Createx airbrush paints are sprayed better at the pressure of 40-50 PSI with airbrushes featuring 0.05mm tips. If you need to use smaller tips or want to adjust the air tool to a lower pressure setting, add the Createx transparent base. In order to enhance performance and improve adhesion on hard surfaces, like vinyl or plastic, thin Createx paints with the 4030 Mix Additive.

Why get Createx paint from us

As an authorized dealer for Createx Color products, we guarantee the original quality of paints sold at Touche Airbrush. Apart from that in our store, you may buy Createx paints of different colors as well as separately and in Createx airbrush paint sets.

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