Airbrush Templates & Stencils

The benefits of using airbrush templates and stencils

Here we are going to tell you about airbrush templates and stencils and what profits you can get using them. And of course, speaking of the benefits of their use, we should mention that with airbrush templates and stencils, the speed of work increases immensely and your artwork acquires clear and smooth lines. The role of airbrush templates and stencils cannot be overemphasized.

They offer a perfect opportunity to boost your airbrush working, give it more accuracy and precision, and at the same time to get rid of a routine and monotonous job. And they are especially useful if you create clearly-edged and detailed motifs and there are lots of the same or similar patterns in them. The convenience of using templates and stencils also makes a terrific impact on their popularity in different applications.

Grow as an artist with airbrush templates and stencils

Airbrush templates and stencils are the easiest way to get a perfect custom design without applying much effort. They will pleasantly surprise you by how big the difference in your work performance can be with them. Although it requires certain skills and experience to make templates and stencils work for you properly, using them doesn't require any artistic skills. So, you can create an airbrush masterpiece and amaze folks, whether you're just a newbie or already an expert.

Regardless of your abilities in painting, airbrush templates and stencils will help you deal with fine and complex motifs and provide you with a perfect basis for a further refining of your artwork. Moreover, they encourage users at the initial steps in airbrushing and allow to develop their creative potential. So, you can convey many new ideas with myriads of airbrush templates and stencils available to order. And all that comes without spending your precious time on painting carefully every regular detail.

Applications of airbrush templates and stencils

You can find different airbrush stencils from stencils for cars, bikes, and helmets to templates for t-shirts, models, tattoos, nail art, cake decorating, etc. They are easy-to-clean, reusable, resistant to solvents, so you can wash them and use again and again.

And it's ok if a template you like is intended for the use in other airbrush applications. For this purpose, you can find many tutorials on the Youtube on how to make and use airbrush stencils. You can combine several airbrush templates, add to them some details, shades, change colors, and whatever your imagination will lead you to, and here you have a unique brand-new design.

How to make airbrush templates and stencils work flawlessly

Because airbrush templates and stencils have lots of applications sometimes users come across several problems. One of them is how to use stencils on curved surfaces. Pre-made and ready-to-use stencils are quite flexible and can be easily curved, but you can always cut your template into several pieces and line them up. Especially this tip is helpful with large decals. Homemade stencils are a good idea if you're going to create a completely different unique design. But the problem with them is that they are not for multiple uses. And those homemade stencils and templates that are quite durable can be difficult to use on an uneven surface.

Techniques of using airbrush templates and stencils

As you may already know, or it will be a new information for you, there are three types of using airbrush templates and stencils:

  • Negative airbrush stenciling

All it takes to create a solid image is to

  1. fix the stencil to the surface you're going to paint with a tape, putty, or some removable adhesive

  2. fill in the blank spaces of your stencil

  3. remove the stencil carefully avoiding smearing. To use your stencils even easier and more efficient, you can loop the surface under the tape for better removal. And before using your stencil once again, wait until it is completely dry.

  • Positive airbrush stenciling

This painting method is similar to negative stenciling. But as opposed to it positive stenciling implies stencils to cover certain spaces so that you can create borders or outlines with them. And don't forget about the whole picture and remember that it's easier to go from light to dark colors.

  • Multi-layer design

It is a combination of the two above mentioned methods. With it, you can give more texture to your artwork and create an interesting design.


Enjoy our selection of airbrush templates and stencils, be creative, and best of luck in your artistic work!

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