Silentaire Compressors

Probably, if you are into airbrushing, you’ve already heard about Silentaire compressors. But we think it won’t be too much saying that these air compressors are one of the most silent-running devices among presented on the market. For this reason, Silentaire Technology producing Silentaire air compressors constantly carries out researches, uses most advanced and sophisticated technologies in the production, and also closely follows trends and requirements of their customers.

Oil-lubricated Silentaire compressors

In support of the statement above, it’s worth noting that their quietest 20-A air compressor has some 30 dBs of noise. While the “loudest” oil-lubricated Val-Air 300-100 AL, Sil-Air 200-100 feature only 44 dBs. And this is despite the fact that the latter Silentaire compressors are designed for industrial applications.

Oil-free Silentaire compressors

In addition to this, we cannot fail to mention the oilless Silentaire compressors. We talk about them separately on purpose. Because it’s wrong to judge on the noise level with no account of this specification. For oil-free air compressors, the noise level of Silentaire compressors varies from 50 dBs for Scorpion I-W to 62 dBs for AMP 50-24 and AMP 50-8-TC compressor models offered in our store.

Why purchase Silentaire compressors from us

If you’re looking for a silent air compressor that can offer reliable and trouble-free operation as well, this category is the right place for you.

Here we’ve gathered a number of the most popular Silentaire compressors. That’s why here you will find products from both oil-lubricated Super Silent, Sil-Air, Val-Air and oilless Scorpion and Oil-Free air compressor lines. What is more, Silentaire Technology works to provide the best support for customers who purchased their equipment. To do so, they offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support on their air compressors. Besides, you can browse our selection of Silentaire compressor parts to make your working with Silentaire compressors even more enjoyable and economical. We are the authorized retailer, so buying Silentaire compressors and parts for them from us you can be sure to get quality original products.

Who can benefit from Silentaire air compressors

All Silentaire air compressors are designed with due consideration to their applications in mind. So, among them, you can find air compressors both for hobbyists and professionals in

  • art painting, illustration, graphics

  • modeling

  • printing and computer graphics

  • cake and food decoration

  • airbrush tanning, cosmetics, nail art

  • engraving and goldsmithing

  • medical and dental labs

  • research labs

  • ventilation control systems


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