Airbrush Kits

At Touche Airbrush, you may get a whole airbrush kit in one click. There’s no need to scroll through all air tools and accessories for a long time and look for the necessary match separately - we already have ready-to-spray airbrush kits. These sets come complete with everything you need to start in one place. Just choose the right fit for your application. Here you can buy airbrush kits online for any hobby, crafts, and artistic uses including

  • makeup

  • nail art

  • tanning

  • tattooing

  • cake decoration

  • fabric painting

  • scale models

  • automotive graphics

  • illustration

  • ceramics

  • taxidermy,

  • decorative etching on glass, and

  • foundation kits that are also good for solid coat purposes and stenciling.

How to choose the best airbrush kit for you

Before buying an airbrush set, you need to decide on

  1. the purpose for which you’re going to use it, and consequently

  2. how much pressure you need for your projects, and

  3. how long or how often you need to use the device,

  4. what components it must include, whether you need an airbrush kit with or without the air compressor, and, of course,

  5. the price or how much your new airbrush kit should cost.

And do not forget to take into account your skill level. You still need to manage to work with it. That is it’s not recommended to get pro airbrush kits if you are a beginner.

Further, we’ve cited some examples of top-of-the-line airbrush sets you may get for different applications and skill levels.

Which airbrush kit to buy at Touche Airbrush

In our store, we offer a variety of configurations for professional and hobby kits. So, here you can find sets that contain supplies and accessories which are best for the use with the attached airbrush gun or airbrush kits with compressors and paint. Also, there are special travelers’ portable airbrush kits that provide more versatility for artists who are on the road. Besides, we have many hobby sets that can be good for beginners.

For greater comfort and optimum performance, choose between different types of airbrush kits. We carry both

  • siphon and

  • gravity feed airbrush kits.

Depending on your airbrushing needs and skill level, pick out a

  • single or

  • dual action airbrush kit.

Hobby airbrush sets for beginners

If you want to try your hand at airbrushing, we recommend that you look closely at the Paasche EZ airbrush set and kits with the F airbrush models. These have all the necessary components inside one needs to get started: from the airbrush gun down to the air hose, couplings, and bottles. Using them, you’ll be able to spray water-based paints and oils as well.

Airbrush art kits for hobbyists

Another option for novices can be Paasche sets with the H, HS, VL, SI, TS airbrush models, and the RG-3S kit. Unlike the above-mentioned models, these airbrush kits are more flexible in terms of the spray pattern sizes. However, artists of all levels can benefit from them. With different tips and needles, the tools can create from thin lines to wide round patterns. Due to this, such kits can be used for multiple applications including various art and craft projects.

T-shirt airbrush kits

The best choice for fabric painting will be the VL, VLS, H, HS airbrush set series from Paasche company. They allow for the use with light, medium, and heavy fluids while different opening sizes of airbrushes can help you to create from fine line patterns to broader coverage.

Cake decorating airbrush kits

The same HS-202S set and airbrush kits with Paasche airbrush guns from the SI series can also assist you in creating fancy cake decorations. To add more colors to your job, use the Spectrum 2012 from Silentaire.

Airbrush tanning systems

At Touche Airbrush, we have options for both salon and home airbrush tanning. For this reason, we’ve selected here

Airbrush tattoo equipment

For temporary tattoo projects, we’ve also included here inexpensive airbrush sets such as the above-mentioned RG-3S, HS airbrush gun sets, the TG-3W, and the TAT-1S. If you need more powerful devices, have a look at the PTS-3S, BTS-1S airbrush kits with compressors.

Nail and makeup airbrush kits

For spraying makeup and painting fingernails, use the RG-3S or JM-1S set. Besides, we also offer the H-100D airbrush set with the compressor.

Professional airbrush kits

Moreover, in our store, we also offer airbrush kits that are specially designed for the finest detail and pro applications. To achieve the superior results and perform work at a high professional level, use the RG-3S, TGX-2F, AEC-K, and kits with airbrushes from Paasche TG series.


If you’re looking for a way more rigid and efficient airbrush foundation kits, browse our selection of Spray Guns. There you can also get spray paint equipment in sets that come with all the necessary supplies and accessories.

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