Badger Airbrush Paint

Make your artworks stand out with hobby Badger Airbrush MODELflex paints. The airbrush paint line includes 120 authentic colors made of high-quality organic pigments providing superior professional painting results and strong adhesion to most materials. Apply them to plastic, resin, metal, or other surfaces and enjoy solid and even coat coverage. At the same time, Badger paints allow for a very fine spraying and an ultra-thin coat. Besides, the smallest details won’t be left unidentified under the thick coat of paint.

Why get Badger MODELflex paint

  • a broad spectrum of colors: 120 Badger airbrush paint colors to choose from

  • extremely easy-to-use: Badger MODELflex paints do not require priming before application. Apply it with a paintbrush or airbrush to achieve best results.

  • professional fine-coat coverage down to the smallest details

  • quick drying time: max 15 minutes at room temperature to dry. And after 15 minutes of heat drying, you may already begin decaling and detailing

  • fast and easy clean-up due to a water base. Moreover, the manufacturer also offers a MODELflex cleaner for better removal of excess paint and cleaning of your airbrush.

  • safe and environmentally friendly composition: Badger paints are non-flammable and do not contain components causing the formation of cancer.

  • Badger paints are available in 1 oz. plastic bottles. However, you can also make a special order for 1-quart or 1-gallon bottle sizes.

Why purchase Badger MODELflex airbrush paints from us

As an authorized dealer for Badger Airbrush products, we carry only original Badger paints. So, buying from Touche Airbrush, you can be sure to receive only quality airbrush paints. Furthermore, we offer Badger paints for pro modelers in the following sets:

  • Railroad Rolling Stock

  • Railroad Private Car Colors

  • Automotive Colors

  • Weathering Colors

  • Military Colors

  • Scenery and Structures.

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