Airbrush Respirators

When it comes to airbrushing you know there will be lots of paint overspray: on the table, on the floor, in the air. Practically paint will be everywhere within your working area if not farther. And it is saying nothing about a person who operates a paint spraying equipment. Small paint particles and fumes can irritate eyes, lungs, skin and, moreover, cause serious diseases. That is why it is important to use special airbrush respirators that protect you from harmful exposure to hazardous chemical compounds and toxic fumes out of art mediums.

How to choose airbrush respirators and spray paint face masks

We strongly recommend that you consider a respirator as a must-have for airbrushing. After spraying paint mist easily gets into your respiratory system as you inhale air even though you don't notice it. Many airbrush users tend to underestimate the importance of using a spray paint respirator. Please, do not. Wearing a disposable dust mask or paint respirator may feel uncomfortable (and here we cannot help mentioning those brutal bearded men) but put your health before everything else. However, not only your lungs require protection, you can also use a protective eye-wear or full-face mask to avoid contact of paint particles and toxic fumes with the eyes and skin. Especially, this concerns airbrush artists who work with lacquers, enamels, paints, and other toxic mediums. Buying a good respirator for painting will be a useful investment in your own health and safety.

Further, we’ve listed the key points that need to be taken into account while choosing the best respirator mask for spray painting.

Paint type

Perhaps, the first thing to bear in mind is a type of paint you want to use. Read more about paint types for airbrushing in the category Airbrush Paint. Make sure your protective airbrush accessories correspond to your application. For this reason, we carry a wide range of airbrush paint respirators to meet your every requirement and address unnecessary health risks. Also, for added airbrush safety, we recommend using Airbrush Spray Booths. Though such precaution as a respirator is still to be taken while working with paints. Whether you use solvent- or water-based paints they can still damage your lungs.

What type of respirator is best for painting

Next after the type of paint, you can already choose a spray paint respirator itself. But there’s another catch. What type of respirator for painting to choose? Maybe, it will be enough some simple mask? Ok, let’s work this out.

  • Dust mask respirators are good in protecting against dust, pollen, and other solid particles. But they cannot give you protection against fumes and chemicals.

  • In this terms, combination respirators are the best choice. With them, you can be secure about the protection against both solid particles and gases.

  • As their name suggests, latex paint masks are best for working with latex paint. They can also protect against solid particles and some odors. But they are not effective against vapors. That is they do not fit paint spraying.

  • On the contrary, gas and vapor respirators protect against gases and do not clean the inhaled air of solid particles.

  • And just for the record, sanding respirators are exactly what you don’t need. These are only to block fiberglass strands and sawdust.

Now we hope you will take a responsible approach to your health and safety and make the right choice of spray paint respirator or mask.

Enjoy working with your spraying equipment safely!

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