Airbrush Bottles

In this category, you will find a wide range of airbrush bottles and accessories to them. Here we’ve gathered empty spray paint bottles for different types of airbrush feed systems, and also caps, and adapters to them. Besides, you can get here different reusable spray cans and jars for mixing and storage of paint.

Types of spray paint bottles

As has been said, you may need different bottles for storage and paint spraying. This is because some special airbrush bottles do not provide a complete closure and hence cannot prevent paint from drying out. But they are perfect for mixing paints or for quick color change. To do so, you can keep several airbrush color bottle assemblies at hand right before spraying. This will save your time on washing containers between changing colors.

In addition to that, we offer a number of bottles compatible with different types of airbrush and spray gun models. They can fix directly onto the spraying tool. This is what makes them especially useful for mural artists and decorators when they have to work at height from ladders.

Airbrush bottle materials

There is one more point you should pay attention to when choosing a refillable spray paint can. And this is the material of which the airbrush container is made. It must be chemical resistant to the type of paint you’re going to use. In our store, you can get empty spray bottles in glass, plastic, and metal. Each type has its own benefits we will try to specify them below.

Plastic spray bottles

First of all, plastic airbrush bottles are lightweight, rugged and quite resilient. This means if you accidentally drop it, it won’t break and smash paint. Next, they are unlikely to leak or burst for example in comparison to glass bottles. And as most of them are made of solvent-proof plastic they also offer a nice resistance to chemicals. Furthermore, plastic spray paint cans are available in translucent and opaque options. The former let you easily identify by sight how much medium is left in there. Moreover, this type of airbrush bottles is cheaper than others.

Glass spray bottles

The main feature of glass airbrush bottles is in their chemical resistance. You can keep in them different types of paint without worrying about leaks. Besides, they look better and offer clear transparency which is useful to control over the amount of paint left inside. For another thing, airbrush glass jars are much easier to clean. And what’s more, they are more durable in terms of scratching if compared to plastic ones. However, there are some weak points: they are fragile, heavyweight, and have usually a higher price.

Metal spray bottles

These heavy duty spray bottles are extremely durable and secure containers. They provide good chemical resistance, do not break, and in addition to all that, are easy-to-clean. But still, metal airbrush bottles have a few drawbacks: they have a heavier weight and are commonly more expensive than other types.

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