Airbrush Hoses & Connectors

To keep your airbrush perform well with your compressor you may need quality airbrush hoses and correct airbrush fittings.

We carry a great variety of airbrush hoses and connectors from different brands to meet your every requirement. Our selection includes airbrush hoses with different-sized couplers, quick-disconnect fittings, air compressor hoses with gauges and water hose attachments, a number of airbrush outlet manifolds and airbrush hose adapters to help you connect your airbrushes, air line hoses, and compressors together. With this hardware, you'll be able to hook your airbrush to the compressor while choosing the right hose length and size of end fittings.

Braided & plastic airbrush hoses

For a start, we will guide you through the main types of airbrush hoses. And then we will get to some tips on choosing the appropriate airbrush connectors for them.

Generally, you can distinguish between

  • simple smooth and

  • braided airbrush hoses.

The former are usually made of vinyl or plastic, among them, you can find both straight and coiled hoses. The latter come in rubber or PCV materials wrapped with a protective nylon cloth. This allows them to operate at a higher pressure up to 100 psi and better cope with air pulsations. Above that, airbrush braided hoses offer more flexibility though they are usually heavier by weight than vinyl or plastic ones. But it is hard to put some of them in a preference as it all depends on your needs. For example for normal hobbyist projects, it is usually enough to work with simple smooth hoses.

Why finding the right airbrush hoses & connectors is so important

If you have ever changed airbrush hoses or you're just about it and you are in process of finding some information, you already know that it can drive nuts. Although all airbrush hoses seem to be different the search doesn't bring you any closer to the information you need.

Modern airbrush designs can offer you lots of variations on the sizes of their hose connections and fittings. And it's ok if your airbrush and compressor are from the same company, in such a case, the choice of hoses and accessories is easy enough. You just need to use standard components of the same brand. But note that even within one and the same brand there are models that come with unique hardware parameters. And if you are one of those "happy" owners you know what we mean. The matter gets even more intricate if you have several airbrushes from different manufacturers or your airbrush and your compressor are of different origin. Usually, this concerns such brands like Aerograph, Aztek, Badger, Paasche. The sizes of their hose connectors and adaptors may not fit with the components of other brands. For this reason, we have gathered a large selection of Paasche airbrush hoses and fittings, and also a wide range of air compressor hose fitting kits of other brands.

Some tips on choosing airbrush hoses and connectors

  • Airbrushes usually come with hoses. But if you're going to buy hoses by yourself be sure they're compatible with your airbrush.

  • When buying an airbrush hose don't forget it'll need fitting to connect it to your compressor.

  • Applying thread tape on airbrush hose fittings may also be of little help as there are fittings that require more precision while tape can make it too bulky and spoil the sealing.  Happily, there is a solution to this problem: you can find adapters that will help you fit almost any hose to any airbrush.

  • And one more important point. When buying an airbrush hose take note that not all of them come with quick disconnect couplings. These fittings are optional components but with them, you will make your airbrushing much easier. You can use them for connecting an air hose to a compressor, filter, regulator, and for a filter, regulator to an airbrush.

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