Automatic Spray Guns

Why choose automatic spray guns

Automatic paint spray guns act as an opposite to manual spray guns in terms of their control methods. To put it simply, auto spray guns operate autonomously or remotely which is especially helpful for

  • high-volume paint applications,

  • painting hard to reach areas, or

  • spraying mediums containing toxic compounds.

Although these type of paint guns will initially require more investment than manual type, it is still a great option to save money, and here is why. Using automatic spray guns allows for an immense increase in paint transfer. You can easily optimize the finishing process due to reduced bounce back, smooth paint coat that is, in addition, uniform in thickness.

Applications of auto paint spray guns

Generally, auto paint guns are considered as heavy-duty industrial paint spraying tools. And this is clear because they are specially designed for high-production processes. Moreover, automatic paint spray guns are available in different configurations. Among them, there are conventional, HVLP, airless, and air-actuated models that are ideal for applying

  • abrasives,

  • pigmented materials,

  • acrylics,

  • latex,

  • lacquers,

  • corrosives,

  • extensions,

  • glues.

Besides, the manufacturers offer a variety of automatic paint guns that work well exactly with a certain kind of materials. For example, at Touche Airbrush you can find spray guns specially produced for work with light, medium, or heavy fluids. More than that, this selection contains a number of auto paint guns you can use with both water- and solvent-based materials.

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