California Air Tools

Buying a California Air Tools air compressor, you’ll be sure to receive a very silent and reliable compressed air system. To produce such quality and trustworthy machines, the manufacturer applies the latest technology and uses only high-performance components. So, in order to make their compressors as quiet as an ordinary conversation in a restaurant or background music, the company’s specialists created a unique dual piston pump system. With it, California air compressors are able to provide faster displacement of air in the air tank and ensure faster recovery times. To that end, CAT air compressors create not only less noise but also wear less and serve longer. Besides that, they feature cast aluminum tanks what makes them even more durable. And, among other things, these silent compressors are extremely easy-to-repair. At Touche Airbrush, you can also find Compressor Parts for California Air products.

Who can benefit from CAT air compressors

California Air Tools compressors are one of the most selling air compressors on the market. And it’s no coincidence as these devices have the highest-rated performance characteristics and can boast of a wide range of models. The company offers different air compressors for consumer, contractor, and industrial grade applications.

Specifically, if you need a compressor for

  • DIY and home uses, you might be interested in the California Air Tools Quiet-Flow Series

  • more frequent uses and efficient operation, pay attention to the Ultra Quiet Series. This includes the 2010A, 4610AC, 5510SE, 4620AC, 10020C, 15020C models

  • professional quality jobs, we recommend you using Industrial Series air compressor models

  • professional quality and at the same time continuous air flow, look at the Continuous Series of CAT air compressors.

Why purchase California Air Tools Compressors from us

At Touche Airbrush, we’ve gathered the most popular, advanced, and innovative air compressors for airbrush artists from California Air Tools. We are an authorized retailer of CAT products. So you can be confident in the originality and quality of the purchased products.

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