Paasche Air Compressors

Airbrush painting, graphics, illustration, modeling, tanning, tattooing, makeup… Here are just a few applications of Paasche air compressors. And it’s all thanks to the special design of these compressed air tools. This allows for smooth and consistent low pressure while provides quiet operation. So, the noisiest Paasche compressor DC850R produces some 58 dBs of sound which is equal to the conversational speech. Pretty low, isn’t it? And that’s even though all air compressors from Paasche Airbrush Company are oil-free. In view of this, Paasche air compressors fit perfectly for food decoration, cosmetics, nail art, and other apps where oil is a definitely undesirable component. Besides, the manufacturer aims at making these air devices not only efficient but also lightweight and portable. That’s why you can find models that have only 1.7 lbs of weight such as the Paasche DC150.

Which Paasche air compressor to choose

At Touche Airbrush, we carry a full range of Paasche compressors that will be an ideal supplement to any of your airbrush jobs. Furthermore, most Paasche compressors come equipped with pressure regulators, moisture traps, and auto shutoff for optimum usability. And their adaptors are specially designed to fit also competitor hoses.

Here we have air compressors for both pro and hobby artists. In order to help you find the right one faster, we’ve listed here applications for each compressor:

  • DA400R is best for painting, graphics, illustration, and tanning

  • DA300R is primarily for modeling

  • D500SR is a good hobby artist air compressor for painting

  • DC850R is mainly used for painting and modeling, makeup, and food decoration

  • D220R is a nice compressor for airbrush tanning

  • DC600R is applicable for painting, tanning, tattooing, and makeup

  • D3000R is a hobby air compressor for modeling, illustration, makeup, hobbies

  • D500 can be used for different hobbies.

  • Here we also offer portable mini beauty compressors: Paasche DC150 and DC200.

If you want to get a Paasche airbrush kit with the compressor, have a look at

Why purchasing Paasche compressors from Touche Airbrush

On top of all that, we would like to note that each Paasche air compressor undergoes an ultimate quality control. So buying these products, you can be sure to get only the highest-rated compressors with the best performance characteristics. And in case, malfunctions are still found in your new Paasche compressor you can always apply for technical support. The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty on all their compressors, so you can have defective parts freely repaired or replaced.

As an authorized dealer for Paasche products, we supply only original products. Purchasing from us you get all the same benefits as from the manufacturer. In addition to it, you can find in our store all the necessary spare parts and accessories for your Paasche air compressor at low prices.

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