Air Compressor Pressure Regulators

For better control of airflow and precise spraying, use air compressor pressure regulators from our store. Here we offer different air compressor replacement parts, including

  • air regulators and filters for air compressors, and

  • in-line compressed air regulators with gauges.

They are designed to provide a custom air pressure level and are especially helpful while working with flammable or inflating fluids. To find the right airbrush hoses and adapters to them read our short guide on Airbrush Hoses & Connectors.

How air compressor regulator works

Most airbrush compressors include air regulators as the default option. Usually, they are built in somewhere on the outlet of the compressor tank itself. You can often meet air compressors with adjustable pressure regulators allowing for some variations in spray patterns. Whatever its configuration, this device is to control the amount of compressed air passing through one part of the system downstream to another. As additional features, it can have locks, airbrush pressure gauges. The latter help regulate and monitor an air pressure level for applications where a precise pressure level is a must. Also, gauging air pressure is a good practice for beginners as it gives an opportunity for better understanding of how the compressor works and whether one does everything properly.

Besides, we want to draw your attention to the fact that air regulators can change the pressure only downward. That is it’s impossible to increase the pressure using them.

Why use air pressure regulator for air compressor

Now we’ve come to the part explaining why you may need an airbrush compressor regulator at all.

  • The answer is in your application. Because there are not so many of them which require a high-pressure level of compressed air. And these devices allow to decrease it to the desired value so that your spraying equipment could work correctly.

  • In addition to it, adjustable models can provide different levels of compressed air pressure. And this means that you can use your air equipment for several applications.

  • Moreover, using air regulators you can set the air pressure to the minimum value you air tool requires. By doing so, you will extend its service life and reduce costs on energy to compress air.

How to use air compressor pressure regulators

Well, there’s no science to adjust the air pressure with these small gears. You will have to turn the regulator switch clockwise and as a result, the pressure should change.

If you hesitate whether it is possible to use multiple air regulators, do not. You can definitely attach them to the air tank outlet or build it anywhere in-line on the air hose.

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