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Paasche airbrushes can boast of more than 100 years of history and this is not just a number. Since the very start of the company, the Paasche Airbrush has proved to be one of the most successful and innovative manufacturers of air painting devices in the industry. Besides, their aim is to produce not only high-quality and effective but also costly air tools. With that in mind, the company’s specialists are perpetually engaged in research and development of Paasche airbrushes and supplies. By means of that, the Paasche Airbrush makes airbrush pens and air compressors for a whole bunch of applications. And that’s what we will tell you about further down.

Paasche airbrush types

In order to meet the requirements of all airbrush users with different skill levels, the Paasche Airbrush designs air tools in a variety of designs and configurations. That is why you can find in the product lines both

  • Paasche single-action airbrushes and

  • dual-action airbrushes.

Also, depending on your needs, you can get

  • Siphon feed or

  • Gravity feed airbrushes.

To learn the difference between these types, read our buying guide on Airbrushes.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of Paasche airbrush sets that already include air compressors, hoses, adapters, and even special paints for your projects. So, let’s find out which Paasche airbrush is best for your application.

Applications of Paasche airbrushes

Here we’ve provided some examples of the use of Paasche airbrushes.

Tool to start airbrushing

For beginners, we would recommend using the EZ kit. It doesn’t require a huge investment and at the same time has everything one needs to start.

Airbrushes for base coatings

For basic sprayings, get the model H airbrush or buy a pack of 6 in the H-6P pack. Also, we offer you to look at Paasche airbrushes from the HS and SI Series (SI-3L). These will give you from fine lines of 1/32” to wide spray patterns of 1 ¼ ” when complemented by different tip sizes. For this reason, the HS and SI airbrushes will also do as for beginners requiring quick and easy spraying and for artists with different skill levels.

Airbrushes for bakers

For thicker materials, the best fit will be the Flow Pencil Serie. For example, the FP-4P, FP-1/32” airbrushes will help you easily cope with cake decorating.

Multi-purpose air pens

  • For various applications, choose airbrushes from the HS, SI, MIL, TS, VL, VLS, VLST Series. Due to different sizes of needles and tip openings, you’ll be able to create spray patterns from 1/32” to 1 ¼ ” using the MIL-3L airbrush or the MIL-3 set.

  • For light and medium materials, decide on the VL airbrush model or get a pack of 6 in the VL-3L, or buy the VL-202S set. These create spray patterns from fine detail down to 1/32” and allow for broader coverage up to 1 ½”.

  • Here we would also like to recommend on the VLSTPRO airbrush. This versatile tool can be appreciated by airbrush artists of all levels.

  • For fine lines and wider patterns, consider on the TS Series. The TS-3L airbrush can spray paint from 1/32” and up to 3”. That’s why this model has found its application in many hobbies, crafts, automotive art, T-shirt painting, taxidermy, ceramics, cake decoration, sunless tanning, and tattooing.

High precision airbrushes

  • For high-end detail works, use airbrush pens from the RG, TG, TGX, or VLS Series. For example, the RG-3S set allows you to work on hair-line details and create 1” spray patterns. And the pro TGX-2F set will perfectly fit for the finest detail works.

  • If your paint job requires smaller patterns down to 1/64" choose airbrushes from the VLS Series (VLS set, VLS-3L, VLS air painting unit).

  • For makeup and nail art purposes, the ideal option will be airbrushes from the JM and TG Series such as the Paasche JM-1S airbrush set.

  • Besides, the TG airbrushes allow for high-end detail works like illustration, automotive graphics, modeling, taxidermy, cake decoration, tattooing. Get the TG-2L airbrush or a pack of six in the TG-6P, or buy it in the TG-3W set. Using this airbrush gun, you can paint with 1/64 - 1 ½" spray patterns and up to 3” with the fan.

In addition to the above, we want to mention that most Paasche airbrushes work well both with water and solvent-based paints.

Why purchase Paasche airbrushes from Touche Airbrush

As an authorized dealer of Paasche products, we can guarantee the quality of these airbrushes. Buying from us, you will surely get the manufacturer’s warranty on all the purchased items.

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