Badger Airbrushes

Thinking of pro airbrushes that are able to meet the highest standards of the most accomplished artists it’s impossible not to mention Badger airbrushes. These air tools are specifically designed to satisfy the needs as of hobbyists and of demanding advanced users and even exceed their expectations. For that to happen, all products manufactured by the Badger Airbrush company undergo a thorough examination and rigid tests before they come on the market. Besides, their research and development specialists constantly work to improve the performance of their products. And there special attention is paid to the needs and interests of airbrush users. That’s why their product range includes airbrush guns and airbrush kits both for professional and hobby artists. But in addition to that, there are also models which are best for beginners.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best Badger airbrushes and whom they are intended for.

Badger airbrush types

As already noted, the Badger Airbrush company produces air tools for artists of all levels and for every purpose. In order to achieve this, the manufacturer provides airbrushes with different feed systems, operation controls, and mixing options. Therefore, you can easily find the exact type of airbrush for your needs. Whether it is

  • Badger single-action airbrush like those from the 350 and 200 Series or

  • dual-action airbrush from the 100, Patriot 105, 150, Anthem 155, Crescendo 175, Omni, Vega, Renegade Series.

Going more into detail, you will find among them airbrushes with

  • Gravity,

  • bottom, and also

  • side feed systems.

Most of Badger airbrushes feature

  • the internal airflow and mixing.

  • If you’re looking for an airbrush of the external mix type, the Badger airbrush models from the 350 Series are the right choice for you.

Applications of Badger airbrushes

  • For extreme detail applications, we offer you to look at the R3R, R1V, RK-1, and the Badger Velocity airbrush from the Renegade Series. These are appropriate air tools for the most detail-oriented airbrush artists who require tight lines and soft color gradations.

  • For precision detail projects, we recommend that you decide on a Badger airbrush from the T89 from Omni Series, 150 Series, Crescendo 175, Patriot 105 Series. These tools are suitable for pros, hobbyists, and beginners. You can use them for scale model finishing, automotive art, taxidermy, fabric designs, and other fine arts.

  • For larger detail projects, use Badger airbrushes from the T83 from Omni Series, T65, T61 from Vega Series, 100 Series, or the Anthem 155 model. Such airbrushes are indispensable tools for industrial finishing technicians ceramics, automotive graphics, large canvas art, body art, and T-shirt airbrushing.

  • For general airbrush works like base coating, spray finishing, it’s better to get an airbrush from the 350 or 200 Series. Use them with Airbrush Templates & Stencils to paint quickly nice decals and motifs.

Why purchase Badger airbrushes from us

We want you to shop in our store with confidence. And Touche Airbrush, therefore, carries only original Badger products at low prices. As their authorized dealer, we have not only Badger airbrushes for sale but also a number of replacement parts and accessories for them.

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