Paasche Paint

If you’re looking for a ready-to-spray airbrush paint decision you’ll be surely interested in Paasche airbrush paints. The product range covers a variety of standard, pearl, and fluorescent colors of acrylic paint and also a number of colored temporary tattoo paints. And as an airbrush manufacturer with over 100 years of history, Paasche Airbrush company promises only high-quality painting results. How do they do that? Let’s figure out what is so special about Paasche paints.

Benefits of using Paasche airbrush paint

  • Paasche acrylics work on many surfaces including metal, paper, wood, fabric, plastic, and glass. So, this makes it possible to use them for different art and craft projects.

  • Paasche Extreme Air acrylic paints are specially optimized to airbrush spraying. They are readily available to apply and due to the right consistency, you can easily spray them with your air tool. In addition to this, paints provide reduced clogging, thus ensuring the perfect atomization and excellent results. To work with smaller airbrush head sizes, we recommend using acrylic paints with the Paasche Extreme Air Reducer.

  • Paints are presented in many color options which also can be combined to get hundreds of custom colors.

  • Choose between different paint bottle volumes for comfortable spraying. You can buy acrylics in 2 and 4 oz. bottles. What is more, Paasche paint bottles feature easy-pour spout and it is possible to use Paasche paints right out of the bottle with most Paasche airbrushes.

  • Temporary tattoo airbrush paints come in 1 and 2 oz. bottles. The tattoos made with Paasche paints last up to a week. Note, that this can work only if treated carefully. But it can also depend on the skin type.

Why get Paasche Paint from Touche Airbrush

Purchasing Paasche paint from us, you can be sure to receive only quality and original paints as we are an authorized dealer for Paasche products. Besides, in our store, you can buy Paasche paints online both in separate colors and in sets. There are acrylic airbrush paint sets that include only

  • standard colors,

  • fluorescent spray paint colors,

  • pearl airbrush paints, or

  • all of them in one pack.

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