Airbrush Moisture Traps

Many airbrush users come across the issue when paint mixes with moisture and instead of a fine and smooth paint flow you get a bubbling paint mess. To tackle this problem and keep water away from your paint may be especially critical if the air humidity in your working area is pretty high. In such cases, airbrush moisture traps might come in handy. And with this guide, we will try to help you find the best inline water trap for your air compressor.

How to use compressed air moisture traps

An airbrush moisture trap is not a necessary part to use with your airbrushing equipment. However, it can be a nice way to save your money in the long run.

It is not infrequent that air pressure regulators come with built-in moisture traps. You will know it by a drain cock at the bottom of the regulator. In case, the regulator doesn’t feature an air compressor water trap you can insert one into the air hose. To do so, a user usually has to cut the hose and place the device in it. Also, when installing, be sure to fix it in the proper direction.

But irrespective of whether your airbrush system is equipped with an airbrush inline moisture trap or one built in the regulator, you need to carefully control the moisture accumulated in it. Do not forget about air compressor water removal. Always drain out the moisture trap by opening the drain cock or detaching the device from the hose.

Why you may need air compressor water trap

The issue with excess moisture in the airbrush system usually appears in areas where the air humidity is high enough. Another reason for the moisture in the system can be the compressed air you use for spraying. The thing is that the atmospheric air by itself always has vapor in it which turns into a liquid when compressed to a smaller volume or cooled. All that can cause lots of problems with paint spraying like airbrush spitting, bubbles, and so on. That is why you may need to apply these airbrush accessories on the compressor or/and install in-line moisture traps in the airbrush hoses for added flow uniformity.

To resolve further issues with moisture and upgrade your airbrush work you can use airbrush spray booths and air dryers. For more details read our Airbrush Spray Booths and Refrigerated Air Dryers buying guides.

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