Conventional Spray Guns

How does a conventional spray gun work

Conventional spray guns or also called pneumatic spray guns are paint guns employing compressed air to spray paint down to a mist and create a thin and smooth coat on a surface. In doing so, paint and air are supplied to the spray gun through separate channels. Depending on the type of spray gun, paint enters the gun via pressure, gravity, or siphon. Then, air and paint meet within an air cup and mix forming a controlled spray pattern.

Conventional paint guns basically work with air compressors and operate at high-pressure levels. Considering this, it’s easy to understand why paint gets so finely atomized. Apart from that, high pressure ensures a very smooth application.

Which pneumatic spray gun to choose

  • Air pressure conventional spray guns

If your need is to work with heavier mediums and high volumes (from 2 to 50 Gallons), decide on buying this type. It allows for the pressure adjustment and that’s why can work equally well with mediums of different viscosity. Also, using conventional pressure guns, it is possible to control fluid and air pressure separately.

  • Gravity fed conventional spray guns

In case you are into small woodworking projects, touch-up jobs, or automotive car repair, conventional gravity feed spray guns will be a better choice. In comparison to the previous type of spray guns, these ones are more affordable and provide more portability. What is more, they are quite easy-to-clean.

  • Siphon fed conventional spray guns

If you’re looking for more freedom of movements, pay attention to siphon feed pneumatic paint spray guns. Although they offer limited control of atomization, these paint guns enable you to spray from any position, even upside down. Besides, they are very lightweight and easily portable. Such air tools are best for touch-up works in wood and metal finishing projects.

In our store, we offer all the three types of conventional paint spray guns at affordable prices. Have you already picked out one? You may be also interested in spray paint protective masks.

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