Spray Tan Guns

This section of our store is specially for you, beauties! Here we’ve selected spray tan guns and tanning sets that will help you make your skin glow with a healthy tan.

Pros of using spray tan guns

  • Buying a spray tan gun means no more long hours in the sun, no more headaches, no more dry or, what’s even worse, burned skin.
  • Having our spraying equipment you’ll be able to enjoy a natural-looking tan all year round. So you can get tanned without taking risks of damaging your skin with sun rays.
  • Besides, due to the caring formula of tanning solutions, your skin will get additional hydration and nourishment.
  • With spray tan guns and accessories from our store, it’s easy to create a fake tan at home. All the more so as it doesn’t take up much time. Some 5 minutes, and you’re ready!

How to use spray tan sprayers

Use our handheld spray tan guns as standalone devices to self-tan at home or combine them with air compressors for more extensive use (like in spas and beauty salons, for example). Here, at Touche Airbrush, you can buy a spray tan gun only or a whole tanning set at once. To that end, we’ve added to this selection several inexpensive kits of spray guns with compressors, such as the DA400T, DT-800F, DC600T, D200T. For more spray tan kit options, see also our selection of tanning sets with airbrushes.

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