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Every now and then new airbrush models are taking over. And considering the fact they can serve a long life if used properly it's a common thing you will sometimes need parts for your airbrush. Upon that it's important to choose airbrush accessories and components that are relevant to the application and type of paints you use.

In order to choose the necessary airbrush accessories and air compressor attachments, you need to get a better grasp of how an airbrush operates and what each part of the airbrush does. So, let's get going!

How an airbrush works

Generally, an airbrush is made as a metal tube which tip ends up with a nozzle or a so-called brush. This, in turn, holds a needle that steers an air flow in the desired direction. Depending on the size of your airbrush nozzle and needle you can get from very fine to large paint patterns with small and large orifices of the above-mentioned airbrush parts accordingly. Due to this feature airbrushes have found lots of applications among both commercial users and hobbyists.

For further information, read our buying guides separately for each airbrush accessory and various airbrush materials. In them, we take a closer look at different airbrush supplies and airbrush accessory kits to give you more insight into airbrushing.

Troubleshooting airbrush accessories

To ensure flawless performance of your airbrush and air compressor, decide on purchasing some optional accessories and repair parts for your devices. For this reason, here we’ve made a short list of supplies for airbrush maintenance. These can help you resolve certain issues and improve work efficiency of your airbrush.

Airbrush cleaning supplies

Paradoxically, about 90% of all issues with airbrushes, according to the statistics, appear due to improper cleaning of the spray gun. There’s a bit to think about, huh? We couldn’t stay away from this. So we’ve included several cleaning kits and brush sets for your airbrushes into our selection of airbrush accessories.

Airbrush tips and nozzles

And yet not all of the airbrush problems are about cleaning. Sometimes such sensible parts like tips and nozzles cannot be just rinsed or washed. Whether they became clogged because of dried paint or you accidentally damaged them, these parts will be no longer useful. You may notice this by bubbling in the suction bottle or gravity cup. If cleaning doesn’t work all you have to do is to replace the airbrush tip or nozzle.

Airbrush needles

The same is true with needles. If you see something wrong with spray pattern or it’s off-center, there is a couple of ways to address the issue. The first thing to do is to try to straighten the bent needle tip yourself. To do so you need to apply some pressure to it. But here it’s important to mention that such airbrush accessories must be treated very carefully. Otherwise you can easily damage them. The second way is to get a new needle what’s quite simple with Touche Airbrush as we have many options to choose from.

Airbrush moisture traps

Another airbrush accessory to consider is a moisture trap. It does not actually belong to an airbrush. But this compressor part is able to considerably facilitate the work with your tool. The purpose of airbrush moisture traps lies in removing water, oil, and other particles from the air. All these that can spoil your painting job. So if you feel that the air from your air compressor is not as clean and dry as it should be perhaps it’s time to replace the moisture trap and filters.

Airbrush hoses and connectors

These are to connect your airbrush and compressor. If no air comes out of your airbrush, hoses and connectors are surely things to check.

Air valve assemblies

In case the air still doesn’t go through the airbrush, the next part to test is an air valve assembly. If it’s clogged you can try to blow out the dried paint. But if this doesn’t work you will have to buy a new assembly.

Airbrush color cups

These airbrush supplies are used to hold different fluid airbrush mediums you're going to spray. Among them, you can find built-in airbrush color cups and those you cannot attach to an airbrush. The latter do not imply multi-purpose use and usually they find their application in a specific type of work. From the perspective of a feed system, airbrush color cups come in two types: gravity and siphon feed. See Airbrushes category for more information on the difference between airbrush feed systems.

Airbrush holders and hangers

These airbrush accessories are meant to improve your working environment. With holders and hangers from our store, you won’t have to spend time figuring out where to put your airbrush every time you decide to stop spraying for a while.

Airbrush respirators

These accessories are out of question. We don’t think we need to remind how important to take care of your safety.


In our store, we also offer a number of airbrush tubes, air caps, bottles, air compressor oils, and other accessories. So you will surely find the perfect fit for your airbrush.

In case you still have some questions on airbrush accessories, do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your airbrush and do not forget to shop with Touche Airbrush!

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